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At Brenda Gabriel PR, we believe that every purpose driven, convention-breaking founder has a powerful story and message the world needs to hear.

We leverage traditional and digital media to authentically connect with your audience, amplify your message and effect positive change on a global scale.  With a focus on ‘publicity that pays’, we take a holistic approach to PR, looking at profitability as well as publicity.

BGPR  works to ensure clients are ‘PR ready’ and looks at everything from operations to mindset.

From experience we also know that PR and publicity is the fastest, effective and credible way to position you as a globally renowned thought leader, authority and celebrity in your field.

We work to shape and increase awareness and positive image of your business and personal brand, ultimately increasing your influence, income and impact.

We know how important making a valuable contribution to society is to you. Our mission is to expand the reach of that contribution so it becomes your legacy.

From publicity and events to reputation and crisis management, we work with you to build, maintain and protect your reputation whilst forging relationships, growing your audience and identifying opportunities to get you and your business in the spotlight.

As part of our comprehensive service we audit the operations of your business to identify any areas which may impact the effectiveness and ROI of your PR campaign.

Whilst many PR agencies shy away from directly linking publicity to your bottom line, at BGPR we know that a strategy that focuses on quality over quantity, gets your business in front of the right audience and positions you and you business in a league of their own.

Armed with national and international business and media contacts, we  work to secure coverage that educates, raises brand awareness and increases revenue.

We look forward to working with you!

I’m Brenda Gabriel, PR strategist and business growth consultant for pioneers and publicists.

I initially embarked on my PR career working with high-profile London PR agency JHPR whose client roster  included the likes of Sir Bob Geldof, Samuel L Jackson and Kellie Rowland.

I learnt my craft from one of the industry’s finest.

My clients have featured in national and global press, TV, radio and top consumer and business publications including, BBC, Channel 5, Forbes, Harpers Bazaar, Business Insider and Daily Mail.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the UK’s most most dynamic entrepreneurs including serial entrepreneur and author, Jessica Huie MBE and One Young World Panelist and The Lotus Flower charity founder, Taban Shoresh, in additions to organisations such as The Damilola Taylor Trust and Mum’s Enterprise Ltd. 

I’m passionate about working with start-ups focused on social impact and making positive change.

I’m also a blogger and contributor for Thrive Global.

Who Is She?

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