I’m Brenda Gabriel, publicist and business strategist for influencers and disruptors ready to make their difference in the world. I work with people like you to get you and your work the recognition you deserve.

I’m passionate about helping influencers grow their business using the power or traditional and social media to step up and get massive exposure.

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You’ve come to the right place. You’ve set up your business and know you have a unique offering. If it isn’t unique, your approach definitely is. You’ve set up a couple of social media accounts, the numbers have gone up but you’re running out of ideas. More followers are great, but you’re not really sure this translates into more customers.

You know that PR and social media are important (because everyone says so). You’ve tried some marketing, with limited results. You’ve gained a few loyal customers through your efforts, who RAVE about your business, but you haven’t seen the growth you expected.  To be honest you’re not entirely sure of the steps to take to take it up a notch.

As your business is your baby, you wear many hats, it can be a struggle to focus on doing what you love, with the added stress of having to promote your business.  You feel like you’re spending more of your time worrying about how to make more sales and less time doing what you do best.


I’ve there, I totally get the frustration. When I first started on my entrepreneurial journey I really struggled to get my first business venture off the ground. I thought setting up would be a doddle having come from a consulting background. I had an idea, all I had to do was run with it – or so I thought.

With limited funds, limited knowledge and no experience of launching a business, I spent thousands of pounds on courses and branded business materials. I naively believed that as long as I had a website and a business card, I had a brand. I also believed that if I learned to do everything myself, I would automatically save myself money in the long run. I was wrong on both counts.

I realised pretty quickly I would need more than a website to build a brand. I wasn’t clear on what was unique about my business or who I should be targeting. At the time I didn’t realise that who I was and the way I did things was what would make my business different. It didn’t matter that thousands of other people were selling the same thing as me. Ultimately I struggled to attract more than a few customers and eventually knocked that venture on the head.

Failing to get clear on why people would want to buy from me, was expensive mistake number one. In hindsight, I could have avoided this with some market research and a business plan. Expensive mistake number two, was spending money on every course going, to improve my chances of success as an entrepreneur. I wanted to equip myself with skills that meant I would be able to do it all myself – as that’s what all new entrepreneurs were supposed to do. Well, so I thought…

Why was this an expensive mistake? Well, instead of spending time getting clear on what made me special and who wanted to buy my product, I spent valuable time and money learning stuff that I could pay someone who else to do, who would be better and faster at doing it!



I wish I’d had someone to tell me where I was going wrong at the time. Sure, I could get advice on setting up my business. What I really needed was someone to take the time to understand me as a person, as well as my business and provide guidance on exactly which areas I should utilise my resources and at which stage.

My epiphany came during the marketing segment of a property seminar: We were told to stop doing £10 an hour jobs such as our own design and website building. Why? Because we all wanted to earn our worth from the beginning. With the time spent struggling to understand HTML code or graphic design, we could have paid and expert a relatively small amount to get the job done, letting us focus on growing our business.

I learned loads about effective marketing that most small businesses aren’t aware of and it was at this point I realised I wanted to help struggling entrepreneurs (like me at the time) with their marketing. With my background in corporate strategy, consulting and PR, I knew I could offer a more rounded service to small startups. I enjoy looking at the bigger picture.

I love working with fantastic people like you to develop effective publicity, marketing and branding strategies to generate leads and increase sales.

I believe that knowing the person behind a business; what motivates them and their personal goals are as important as knowing the business metrics. I take a holistic approach, looking at your business strategy, PR and sales, working closely with you to develop and implement a comprehensive, bespoke action plan that fits your business needs.



I have over a decade experience in Communications, PR, strategy and operational change spanning the private and public sectors and have helped businesses across a range of industries improve their marketing efforts and increase awareness around their brand.

I really love what I do (and Louboutins. Shhh!) and would love the opportunity to find out more about you.

Who Is She?

After a brief stint at a security company, as regional administrator (AKA the lady responsible for uniforms), I landed a job in the Crown Prosecution Service. After some time working up the ranks  I discovered my passion for looking at the bigger picture as a project manager. I worked as a LEAN consultant helping offices across the UK streamline their operational processes to become more efficient.

My last project before going solo, was a multi-million pound efficiency initiative to move the division from paper based prosecutions to digital presentation in court.

During that time I took the lead on internal communications, strategy and business plan writing. In my spare time, I moonlighted as an event coordinator for a staff network and had the pleasure of planning events with esteemed guests such as Baroness Scotland, Doreen Lawrence, MBE and Richard Taylor, OBE.

I set up this biz after discovering my passion for PR and marketing. I was (and still am) excited about getting to work with some of the coolest entrepreneurs ever!

I’m looking forward to our #VirtualTea.

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