Thanks to a nudge from my amazingly smart son, last year I came up with the most sha-mazing GET PR, MAKE BANK 
SEMI PRIVATE LUXURY EXPERIENCE concept combining my desire to help convention breaking mavericks like you, get the recognition and fame they deserve for the transformational work you do, emotional preparation for life as an emerging public figure AND monetising their PR..
For years,
I held back from putting together a programme like this because there are multiple publicists offering DIY PR packages and a multitude of, coaches offering premium sales coaching.
The truth is…
Few if any coaches are qualified to teach on PR even if they’ve managed to get themselves some great features because there’s far more to executing a successful PR campaign, positioning yourself as a media recognised industry expert and monetising your results.
On the reverse,
Many publicists, who want to make PR accessible to the masses through DIY PR have lead many a layman to erroneously believe that securing a solitary TV interview and Ted X talk is the holy grail of PR and will be enough to have the 💵💵💵 rolling in.
Most people mistake publicity (media relations) for PR in its entirety when it’s just ONE part of on overall PR strategy –
but of course it’s the sexiest part of PR that gets you the logo wall so that’s what most people expect DIY programs to do for them when in fact what they need is to take a stepping stone approach to building their profile.
For those who KNOW that global fame is in their future.
6 months with MOI learning what it REALLY takes to land TV opportunities, TED X speaking gigs, invites to Fashion Week, celeb and influencer collabs plus sooooo much more.
It’s no secret I am not a fan of DIY PR once you hit 6-figures BUT if you’re going to learn it you might as well learn from someone who can show you why your PR efforts before now haven’t changed much in your business.
It will be limited to 6 people tops.
If you know that this is for you lets speak!

2021, it’s about to go down! 


A solid PR strategy incorporates content across all the strands below:

P – Paid

    E – Earned

   S – Shared

    O – Owned

  – Yes, PAID for content can be part of a solid PR strategy, just like you can pay for FB ads AND market organically
The travesty!
But nobody talks about that – in the same way no one talks about the fact that all the external branding and positioning in the world will NOT shift the needle on sales if the business operation as a whole is not working at optimum.

The conversations with business owners about:-

Pricing and positioning

Authority vs Influence

Internal and external conflicts

Personal branding/Styling

Service differentiation

Business remodelling

Internal perception vs external messaging

Influencer/Celeb relations and alignment

Event planning

Copy writing, Marketing and Sales

Yeah, just a few areas I get involved in to get results.

Just as you wouldn’t hire a coach who tells you to JUST increase your prices without taking into account WHY you charge what you do or your mindset, 

you’d do well to avoid PR that focuses solely on media relations without an understanding of how it fits into the biggest picture of your ultimate vision and purpose.
I’m freaking doing the damn thing, biting  the bullet and launching 
There really is no better time for YOU, as an established industry expert to change up the narrative.
Its not enough to be an expert to change the game you need to be positioned in the minds of your audience as an industry leader.
The fastest was to do this is through becoming a celebrity via strategic publicity.
You may baulk at the thought of being considered a celebrity but the truth is if you already have an online following or a community, you already are a micro celebrity.
You’ve seen just how quickly an unknown doctor can go from complete obscurity to a viral sensation overnight, not least because of their commitment to positive change and getting the truth out.
Many of you on my feed posess knowledge that would completely transform your industry and the world if you could spread your message far enough.
Over the past 3 months I’ve been formulating a publicity program and experience like nothing else on the market for the online celebs and community leaders, with a desire for global impact.
We will go into exactly what steps you need to take for yourself and your business to grow your celebrity and leverage it for good.

Depending on your lifestyle, industry expertise and preference for engaging with your audience, there are numerous ways you can elevate your profile in a way that works for you.

Brenda Gabriel is a Publicist, Writer and Business Consultant for 7-figure+ convention-breaking founders, influencers and emerging celebrities with a desire to raise and leverage fame and celebrity for positive global impact. She is also creator of the Conscious Celebrity PR Method to support her clients in developing both the operational and emotional resilience required for life as a public figure.
Brenda works with clients to attain global industry fame, TV opportunities and an increase in high-value/celebrity clients, through major publicity features, public speaking high-level brand/celeb collaborations and joint ventures.
Brenda has secured her clients national and global features in prominent media such as the BBC, Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar, and the Daily Mail, which has led to expert TV appearances, viral press coverage, TED X invites and  reality TV opportunities. Brenda’s holistic approach to PR and mentoring has led to clients drastically increasing turnover in a matter of months.
Having initially embarked on her career in public relations working under renowned former PR maven Jessica Huie MBE, Brenda honed her craft in a London PR agency with a client roster including the likes of Meghan Markle, Sir Bob Geldof, and Sir Richard Branson. 
Brenda has secured publicity for numerous entrepreneurs and social driven enterprises including entrepreneur and author Jessica Huie MBE, The Damilola Taylor Trust, and One Young World Panelist, genocide survivor and charity founder, Taban Shoresh. She has been featured on Chanel 5, Daily Mail and Real Business, she is also a contributor for Thrive Global.
Brenda lives in London, UK with her partner and their three children.