Love the idea of collaborating with you absolute fave brands and getting paid just for showing up as yourself?
Getting invites to the most exclusive shows and events, getting to meet other people of influence, including celebs and major influencers?
I’m not talking about getting paid for your genius or what others get by signing up for one of your programs, 

I’m talking about having access to a whole host of fresh opportunities just for showing up as yourself.
You’ve already or are close to reaching your
6-figure ambition
freedom lifestyle
you work when and where you want
you’re having an impact on the lives of the people you work with through your work

something’s missing!
It’s not really about making more money, though that always helps.
It’s the feeling of just being able to turn up online
as you are and sharing your life with those who are already inspired by you.
Taking your audience on their own journey of self-discovery as they follow yours. Sharing the products, services, experiences and message that makes you uniquely you.
There are so many brands and businesses who see the benefit of working with authentic people of influence, like you, to promote themselves and their products.
Are you ready to get paid to be you?
I will NOT be teaching you how to become an Influencer, Ill be teaching you to have the kind of INFLUENCE that gets you paid.


I will NOT be teaching you how to become an Influencer, I’ll be teaching you to have the kind of INFLUENCE that has brands wanting to work with you because when you speak – your audience takes action.

I’ll also share how you can leverage PR to get a blue tick on IG which will elevate your authority above thousands of other influencers in your niche and open up opportunities to connect with high-level influencers and celebs.

If you are serious about escaping the FB bow, you won’t want to miss our on this.

NB: This is a process and doesn’t happen overnight – but the benefits to your brands outweight the effort required.

Brenda Gabriel is a Publicist, Writer and Business Consultant for 7-figure+ convention-breaking founders, influencers and emerging celebrities with a desire to raise and leverage fame and celebrity for positive global impact. She is also creator of the Conscious Celebrity PR Method to support her clients in developing both the operational and emotional resilience required for life as a public figure.
Brenda works with clients to attain global industry fame, TV opportunities and an increase in high-value/celebrity clients, through major publicity features, public speaking high-level brand/celeb collaborations and joint ventures.
Brenda has secured her clients national and global features in prominent media such as the BBC, Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar, and the Daily Mail, which has led to expert TV appearances, viral press coverage, TED X invites and  reality TV opportunities. Brenda’s holistic approach to PR and mentoring has led to clients drastically increasing turnover in a matter of months.
Having initially embarked on her career in public relations working under renowned former PR maven Jessica Huie MBE, Brenda honed her craft in a London PR agency with a client roster including the likes of Meghan Markle, Sir Bob Geldof, and Sir Richard Branson. 
Brenda has secured publicity for numerous entrepreneurs and social driven enterprises including entrepreneur and author Jessica Huie MBE, The Damilola Taylor Trust, and One Young World Panelist, genocide survivor and charity founder, Taban Shoresh. She has been featured on Chanel 5, Daily Mail and Real Business, she is also a contributor for Thrive Global.
Brenda lives in London, UK with her partner and their three children.