I worked with Brenda for a period of six months, during that time she supported me with marketing. From the outset she made it clear that her aim was to work with her clients in an empowering way e.g. helping me understand the importance of building my mailing list and sending regular content.

Brenda’s input was also invaluable in helping me reword elements of my six week course to be clear and succinct about the outcomes of each session; resulting in regular work at a local private hospital.

With her professional, approachable and friendly manner she is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Andréa, Director

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  Being an industry leading magazine and providing our own PR and advertising services, reputation is everything. We are very selective who we outsource work to.

Brenda is an absolute pleasure to work with; full of enthusiasm, great ideas and more importantly she really took the time to understand our business aims as if she was one of our own.

I highly recommend Brenda Gabriel Holistic Marketing, truly a breath of fresh air. 

Jayson, Managing Director

  Your advice was very helpful. It gave me the kick I needed to boost my confidence. Since our meeting I’ve made some of the changes you suggested and I feel more confident about my business. Thank you soo much Brenda! I really don’t think I’d be where I am today if it wasn’t for your help. 

Byronne, Director


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Brenda is my go-to woman when I need help with all things business development. As a crazy creative I can go off in a whirlwind of ideas. I know what I’m good at and go full steam ahead which is great, but when it comes to really working out how to explain my creativity into a language that not only “us stage-folk” understand, that’s where Brenda comes in, she slows me down and makes me focus on the true message.

When developing by business idea’s for ScarletWorkshops, Brenda was on hand to push me to my limits to ensure I got the right message across and didn’t miss out any of the unique style that makes me special. 

Scarlet, Director

Your approach to the objectives set was exactly what I wanted to be addressed and the impact that it had on the team was also exactly what I wanted.

There were a few “nuts” that I thought would be hard to crack for you, but they embraced it more than I thought and actually learnt a lot from the day. Yesterday, I felt like I had nothing to do. Everyone was clearly using the (process) mapping exercise to get things done, asking each other for guidance instead of me, I’ve never felt so unloved!!

Malika, Contract Manager

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