The Confident Gen-X Biz Babe: Monetise Your Social Media - 5 DAY INTENSIVE

Get Confident. Get Visible. Get Clients!

You’re a Generation X Biz babe wondering how the heck you can get paying clients to find you on Facebook. You dream of making consistent sales but you cant seem to master the knack of this social media marketing lark.

You’re frustrated you have such a great product or service to offer but no one is biting and those that do always want something for nothing.

You know that putting yourself out there more is the answer but being a 60’s/70’s/80’s baby you really aren’t too comfortable with this self-promo malarkey. I mean you’re selling your services, not yourself!

Besides, you’re far too busy to be spending all day on Facebook posting selfies.

I totally get it. You started your own biz because you wanted to make money doing what you love, not so you could spend all day promoting yourself on social media. 

Wouldn’t it be totes amazeballs to have a marketing and publicity strategy that doesn’t feel cringy and gets you clients? 

Wouldn’t it be great to feel confident that the messages you put out are attracting your perfect clients, without feeling like a bit of a sleaze?

Your ability to build a thriving business is based not only on people knowing you and your biz exist but actually, you being at the top of people’s mind when they have a problem you can solve. In addition, a good reputation will go a long way towards making sure people want to buy from you or work with you. After all, we always buy from those we know, like and trust.

Social media is an amazing tool and a great way to find, connect and serve your soul clients who want what you have to offer. A solid social media marketing plan is essential to any business and is one of the best ways to raise your profile with minimal cost.

That's why I Created The Social Media Sales Mastery Intensive:

“I had been an early adopter of social media and thought I knew all the tricks! But in reality, it’s hard to get your voice heard in this space. Brenda gave me some really focused and succinct advice on how to tackle this and it has already had an impact on my social media presence. I would highly recommend Brenda about your social media or Facebook marketing needs.”
Foluke Akinlose MBE
Founder – PRECIOUS Awards

In December 2015, I had just £17.97 in my account. I didn’t even have enough to cover my expenses so had to sell my beloved Chanel GST.

For the first few months, I struggled to find clients and lacked confidence about asking for what I was worth. As a publicist and marketer I knew how to get exposure for my clients but couldn’t seem to do the same for myself.

I desperately wanted to be one of those 5-figure month success stories but it wouldn’t be possible to have those results if I was scared of putting myself out there.

With coaching I learned to get comfortable with promoting myself and my services.

Once I started being strategic about my social media activity things really took off resulting in me finally replacing my middle-management civil servant salary consistently for the past 3 months.

As a Generation X Biz Babe I realised one major truth:

Many Generation X Women are uncomfortable with self-promotion having come from corporate backgrounds and high-level jobs. In spite of our insane talent this holds us back in the entrepreneurial arena where we are often out-bizzed by our Millennial counterparts.

I’ve learned some simple but effective online publicity and marketing tactics to establish authentic relationships, authority in the social media arena ultimately leading to sales.

 It’s time for me to pass on all that knowledge to you!


Monetise your social media activity and increase your earnings!

In this social media training over 5 days I’m going to show you…

  • How to improve your social media marketing strategy and reach more people with your offering

  • How to write FB posts in an influential and persuasive way that’ll instantaneously convey your value, authority and personality

  • What you might be doing wrong when posting to social media & the steps to fix it.

  • My Facebook Case Studies – how one simple change more than tripled engagement of social media posts

  • My social media “Best Practices” and how to implement them to increase Followers, Likes and Shares!

  • How to use Facebook Live to grow your business regardless of your industry

  • The strategies I used to grow my Facebook group by 130% in just 72 hours

You’ll receive:

  • Comprehensive Facebook Live training over 5 Days

  • Tips and strategies that I’ve used to increase leads and get clients

  • Bonus Q&A session 

  • My Publicity tip sheet to raise your profile offline

  • Access to the exclusive bonus offer on my 1:2:1 coaching course

What’s your investment for all this good stuff???

Just £97!

Doors close Sunday 29th at 8pm GMT

Secure your spot now!

Class begins Monday 30th January.