Do you know you’re destined to impact millions?

What would it mean to you to for your pioneering work to receive the recognition it deserves?

What if you were able to leverage the power of mass media and PR to attain your ultimate vision of success whilst growing your legacy ?

My ‘Talented Expert to Industry Icon’ 12 month Done-for-You PR strategy and implementation model has been developed to:

  • Help you navigate the media landscape as an emerging public figure 
  • Maximise the commercial value of your expertise 
  • Elevate your status from from established expert to industry icon 
 The result is increased influence, income and impact, through media exposure and personal brand management.
I’d like to invite you to leave the ordinary behind to embrace:
✅ Top-tier features, commentaries and contributions to get you seen as a notable expert
✅ Being known as the eminent thought-leader in your industry by the media, your public and industry heavy-weights
✅ Commanding the highest market rates for your expertise 
✅ Getting booked for high-level speaking gigs as the most sought-after events
✅ Being approached to hold prominent board and advisory positions
✅ Maximised commercial value, leading to multiple opportunities to grow your empire
✅ Crafting your legacy for multi-generational impact
What you’ve achieved to date is a fraction of what you have the capacity for and the impact you’re able to make on people who don’t yet know you exist.
If you’re looking for a PR strategy that will elevate your personal brand, market position and magnetise the right clients, publicity and opportunities…
If you’re ready to make your next move, gain the recognition and revenue you deserve and create a career beyond your wildest dreams…
We’ve got you covered. 
Our 12-month DFY PR strategy and implementation package includes:
 A Business Media Readiness assessment to identify any essential actions that should take place prior to media outreach such as optimising your website for PR
 A deep dive session to get clear on you, your Hero Journey, your bespoke framework for getting results, what drives you, your ultimate vision and the best ways to leverage PR to achieve it
 In-depth Digital Footprint, personal and company brand alignment audit with recommendations 
 Detailed analysis of your current situation and industry, including an assessment of your company strengths and weaknesses, as well as tips on how to improve
 A review of your current business and pricing models in line with your desired brand positioning 
 A custom built media list that will continually be updated as the campaign progresses
 A Media Mastery session with one of our industry experts (or several!) on how to build your personal brand, increase audience engagement and maintain congruent consistent communication through social media channels
 Recommendations for content creation, distribution and PR amplification  strategies that will help grow your audience, build influence within the industry, and increase awareness around your personality/skillset
 Social Media verification submission (Subject to relevant criteria being met)
 Award application submissions on your behalf
 A Commercial Opportunities assessment to identify the most lucrative opportunities available to you to dominate in your industry
 A detailed implementation plan that includes timelines and tasks for each step of your PR implementation
 24/7 exclusive access to PR support
In addition to the above we can offer advice and support in brand commercialisation in areas including: 
Securing high-value paid public speaking gigs
Securing top-tier publication contributor opportunities
Applying for TEDX Talks
Securing a book deal
Negotiating brand collaborations
Setting up a podcast
Pursuing reality TV opportunities
Securing board and advisory positions
Are you ready?
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